Sly Augustin

understands the essence of community and it’s clear to see from the family environment he has built around Trailer Happiness. Which is not only regarded as one of the best rum bars in London, but the world.

The bartenders are specialists and known for their ingenuity and creativity when it comes to flavours. They look to deliver the sensations that enhance experiences, it’s well known that even saying random words will inspire concoctions of the highest order.

The look and vibe of the spot is specially curated to give off the vibe of luxury and relaxation. The perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and an opportunity to reconnect, dine, date and discover.

This is all brought together by Sly, ever the people person, you can see that he has moulded the Bars identity. The manner in which the bar staff genuinely interact with customers, much in line with the way he conducts himself.

From your entrance to your cocktail to your exit, you know you are in for a welcoming and entertaining visit


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