Amanda Miles Ricketts, is the founder of The Niche Company.

The Niche Co. offer a range of herbal teas using a specially designed formula of medicinal natural herbs. Niche have researched global herbal techniques for some years now, and they have explored over 130 tea estates. They now bring their expertise to you in the form of beautifully designed tubes of carefully measured and ethically tested teas and herbal combinations.

“Our Values are PURE-Transparency every step of the way, our products are ethically sourced and our production totally transparent, with no hidden ingredients in our tea and only 100% natural herbs. We believe beauty starts from within, and once within, it reflects on the outside. We put as much effort into the beauty of the inside of the product, as well as the outside, with the packaging.”

Niche tea is currently stocked Selfridges, The Conran Shop and Fenwick. Watch Out for the new collection coming in 2021


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