Iona and Romy

left restaurants and biology behind, to create Sage Flowers to bring unique floral design south of the river to Peckham, SE15.

Bored by the local offering, SAGE is inspired by more unusual flowers, foliage and form, moving away from traditional arrangements and the rules of classic floristry.

Having worked with brands such as NastyGal, Nike, PaulSmith, PepeJeans, Schuh, Converse, Fenty, Gucci, Harrods, MortimerHouse, PeckhamLevels, TheHoxton, to name a few…..

Not only do Iona and Romy lead floral workshops, but they also frequently speak on radio, television and brand events, discussing floristry, young female entrepreneurship, sustainability, brand building and design.

The pair also work to help address the very real barriers to floristry for Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC). Its very evident to see that this is more than a florist….its a movement, well worth the visit and a follow! .


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