Queenie : Book  Review

Art&Books Digest reviews Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams

I know I’m super late to this party, but I still enjoyed it. Not gonna lie at the beginning, I really wasn’t feeling Queenie too much, but I liked that.

I feel it takes a certain ability to write a character in a way that she’s not going to be likeable initially, but readers still heavily sympathise with.

It’s relatable after all, we are human and realistically we’re all flawed in some way.

I hated seeing the lack of love Queenie had for herself and the awful treatment she received from men. Safe to say her taste in men is TRASH!

But I’m also side-eyeing her so-called “friend” Cassandra, her behaviour towards Queenie was completely inexcusable and makes me question how she really views her friend.

I think my biggest takeaway was that this book resonated with parts of my experience as a Jamaican British Women. Honestly, I saw some parallels between myself and Queenie, so certain things hit different 🥴

Many of my other Black British Female friends, had also experienced one or more things that took place in the book, so this book became the basis of much wider discussion between my friends and I, which I think has been quite therapeutic.


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