Clement Ogbonnaya is a Nigerian entrepreneur based in London who opened PrincePeckham in the heart of South London, where he was raised.

In his own words:
“The idea behind Prince of Peckham came about from my love of 90s TV show, Desmond’s. A neighbourhood barbershop where people from all corners of Peckham were able to rock up, pull up a pew and chill. Whether they were there to cut hair or not, everyone was welcome-

– a sort of ‘home from home.’ One of the characters, Lee ‘The Peckham Prince’ Stanley is my favourite. A straight cockney lad able to switch to Jamaican patois on a six pence. That’s where the name Prince of Peckham came from.”

An inviting space well known now for its array of events and rooftop dining, the Prince of Peckham is already a pride of London and always worth a visit when in that side of town.


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