Our Partnerships


The Spotlight Sessions

Empowering Black-Owned Businesses and Elevating Artists: Our Impactful Journey.

Witht the spotlight session  we spearheaded groundbreaking events that celebrated and uplifted Black entrepreneurs. Our mission was to  create a dynamic platform for emerging artists while boosting sales for the businesses we champion. In an exciting collaboration, Bacardí joined forces with us across two seasons, showcasing a range of their iconic brands.


The Date Generator

Our impactful partnership with Bumble for their 2021 “My Love Is Black Love” campaign. Together with Bumble and Metallic Inc., we’ve launched the Date Generator, a powerful tool designed to enhance the dating experience for Black daters in London. The Date Generator assists Black daters by suggesting engaging activities and ideal meeting spots once they’ve connected on the Bumble app. Whether it’s a cozy coffee shop, an art gallery, or a vibrant cultural event, the Date Generator ensures that every date is memorable and authentic.

Our collaboration with Bumble extends beyond dating. We’re proud to showcase Black-owned date spots and businesses that create safe havens for love to flourish.

Samsung KX

The Spotlight Sessions Final

The Spotlight Sessions Final hosted at Samsunk KX, a vibrant celebration of undiscovered talent and Black-owned businesses. The event, sponsored by Bacardi, Patron, and Santa Teresa, brought together a dynamic mix of creativity and entrepreneurship. With an impressive turnout of over 200 attendees, the Spotlight Sessions Final was an unforgettable night, celebrating talent, creativity, and the spirit of Black-owned excellence.

Borough of Camden 

Black History Season

Black Owned London took center stage in curating the Camden Borough Black History Season launch for 2023. This vibrant event was a true celebration of black art and culture, seamlessly weaving together creativity, heritage, and entrepreneurship. As part of this groundbreaking occasion, Black Owned London orchestrated the first-ever black market in Stable Street, Kings Cross, infusing it with the spirit of community and commerce. Additionally, attendees were treated to captivating live performances at the Samsung KX, making it an unforgettable experience that resonated with both locals and visitors alike.

Borough of Camden 

The Business of Slavery

BOLO partnered with the Borough of Camden’s history department for a unique research project titled “The Business of Slavery” during Camden’s Black History Season 2023. This project delved into the reparations paid to slave owners and how they reinvested their wealth. The Camden history department conducted extensive research, while BOLO curated an interactive guide for visitors. This guide explored the various investments made with this slave-trade wealth within the Borough of Camden, offering a deeper understanding of the lingering effects of slavery on the local economy and society.

Borough of Wesminster

Spotlight Sessions: Library Lates

Westminster Libraries have joined forces with Black Owned London to launch a new initiative called Spotlight Sessions: Library Lates. This exciting series aims to provide a platform for talented individuals who might not otherwise have the chance to shine. Black Owned London, a group dedicated to promoting Black-owned businesses in the capital, will be collaborating with the libraries to host events featuring unsigned artists, minority authors, and local businesses. These Library Lates promise to be a fantastic opportunity to discover fresh creative talents and hidden gems within Westminster’s libraries.