Michael La Rose Director of New Beacon Books

“This is so much More than a Book Store”

New Beacon Books is a cultural centre, it serves as an example the foundation of everything that supports Black communities in a journey to self realisation.

This is more than just a book store, it is the face of a movement. Established on 1966 as a publishing house and bookstore it has continually looked to give the ethnic community a voice.

The book store is part of a movement that organised an international book fair, called “The international Book fair of Radical Black and third world Books” , this went around the Uk and Trinidad. This looked to bring Black publishers from around the world to discuss the issues affecting them and to see how they could network and work together to give more Black authors a chance to have their voices heard.

They also established “The Caribbean artist movement” which was about Black artists validating their own work, not having to be judged by a non accepting system. This involved Black artists from the Caribbean, America and Africa, with the view that the artists returning home would share the empowering message, that Black art holds value.

The store holds a rich supply of Black published literature, detailing Black history and current affairs, by black scholars.

From childrens book readings to outreach programs in schools and churches. Book launches and events. This place is literally Black excellence under once roof.



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