Anisah and Nyree are the founders of Mum Bub Hub CIC, their aim is to help women heal, rest and recover after childbirth.

In their own words….

“We are passionate about wellness and self-care, and it is a core principle in the community workshops we deliver. We are a social enterprise so all of our profits are re-invested back into the business and through the provision of free antenatal and postnatal workshops and support groups, which are delivered to women and families in vulnerable communities”

“As beautiful and joyful having a baby is, the topic of becoming a mother is such an overwhelming and complex issue. We wanted to change the narrative surrounding childbirth and encourage open and honest conversation. With the MBH solution we want to make it easier for women to put the needs of themselves and their bodies first by being informed and by having access to quality products to make the recovery process a little bit easier.”

This is a brand that cares and goes above and beyond to aid their chosen cause. Inspirational and most worthy of our support!


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