Brian Danclair, chef and founder of Fish, Wings & Tings, is a seasoned restaurateur and highly talented chef. He, together with his wife, has been operating the Caribbean restaurant Fish, Wings & Tings, in the heart of Brixton, since 2012.

A true Brixton institution, Brian’s restaurant is a vibrant food-lover’s destination, with a mouth-tingling menu of jerk, curries and more. But much more than that, it’s a gathering place for Brixton’s close-knit community and people wanting to experience that in the heart of the capital.


In Brixton Market, everyone knows Brian, and Brian knows everyone. Where possible, he buys his ingredients from local suppliers. He collaborates with other restaurants in the Market. He employs local people and does everything he can to raise the food profile of SW9. He lives for the Brixton community and his family.


This business, brings colour flavour and vibes to the community and is well worth supporting.


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