Frequently Asked Questions

Can i buy products i like on Black Owned London?

We don’t sell products on our site. At the bottom of every business page you have the option of clicking on “website” that will take you directly the company page to make a purchase.

For the businesses that have shops in london, you will be able to use our Map to visit the shop.

How do i find businesses on Black Owned London?

There are 5 ways to navigate the webiste to find our awesome people.

1. Browse “The People” page

-Using the menu bar on the top right hand side and select “The People”, will reveal the page with a selection of all out ownerd and their businesses.

2. Search By Category 

-All of our businesses have been seperated into the most relevant catergories.

3.Search by Area

-The businesses have been split according to there location in london, so if you are looking to discover somewhere new in north london for example, those will be shortlisted.

4. Typed Search

-Next to our menu button is the search function which allows you to type byname, key words, categories and area.

5. Related Stories 

– At the bottom of every business profile is a gallery of related pages contains Busniess in similar catergories  or geographical area in London.

How do I use the map?

To use our Map you have two options

1. There is a Map link at the bottom of every business page.

2. By clicking on the menu bar on the top right hand side the menu will appear. There you can select the map button.

Once in the map you can use the regular google directions to navigate the store.

How do I recomend a Business?

Please tell us a little about the business. We’re happy to consider it.
We don’t have a strict criteria, although there are a few things that help us select a business.
A business that we’ve experienced for ourselves. We personally vouch for everything we cover here.
A business with an interesting story; uniques offerings, owner story or contributions to the local community.

We do not charge businesses to be on our site

Let us know why we should cover your business, email us at

Alternatively fill in submission form below

Whats Included in the Newsletter?

There is so much wonderful activity carried out by black business owners, organisations and people across the capital and the uk. The newsletter gives us an opportunity to deliver great additional content each month that hasn’t made it on to our website or social platforms. From owner interviews to supper clubs, market stalls and and key points of interest.


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