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Amara Blackson


My Week With Afrocenchix

I’m a busy mum of three which means i never stop working. I have tried many different products to help manage my hair. You know the challenge, keeping it moisturosed without getting it greasy and trying my best toreduce my “badhair” day. So I went a week trying out the different products from Afrocenchix.


I started as I meant to go on, using the soothing Lightweight Scalp Oil to moisturise the foundation. I knew that I would only have to sue this once in the week. It was fantastic, I literally felt the effects immediately.

Amara Blackson is a blogger based in London, Uk

Speacialising in all things Skin and Hair care. Amara is looks to share her experiences using the most popular black owned products so her followers are always in the know.



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